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This site is dedicated to literature all over the world, where you can give your opinion on all the new books, and read those of others. The book DATA of this site, will be encreased every day with 5 to 10 new books per day. The reviews are all real reviews of book readers - No reviews of professional book critics are published. On the page 'THE BEST' you can find a chart of the 5 books with the highest rating, all categories together, but also in each category. At the end of every year, an annual hit-chart will be published.
16.12.08 ________________ BOOK RELEASE

Just Getting Started (by Tony Bennett, Scott Simon)
16.12.08 ________________ BOOK RELEASE

domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home (by Editors of domino)
16.12.07 ________________ BOOK RELEASE

Nest (by Terry Goodkind)
16.12.06 ________________ BOOK RELEASE

Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In (by Bernie Sanders)
16.12.05 ________________ BOOK RELEASE

Forever Words: The Unknown Poems (by Johnny Cash)
16.12.05 ________________ BOOK RELEASE

Culdesac (by Robert Repino)